Philosophy of Ministry

Grace Community Christian Church is an emerging congregation. Having been a traditional church for many years, GC3 has seen a shift toward becoming more in tune with reaching out to the seeking community in ways that are appropriate and effective. This has been an ongoing transformation, and is it not complete.

Grace Community Christian Church is moving toward the ideal of becoming a biblically functioning community, where full devotion to Christ is the norm for every believer. One tool to help believers discern where they are on their spiritual journey is called “The 5-G’s”. If you’re wondering, “What will be expected of me if I become a member of this church?” the following should give you a good idea!

Grace – Do I fully grasp that my salvation is a gift from God and not something I can possibly earn or deserve? Have I abandoned all efforts to “work” my way into God’s favor, recognizing that there is nothing I could possibly do that would cause Him to love me more?

Growth – Am I growing spiritually in my walk with God and relationally with my fellow believers? Is corporate and personal Bible study a regular part of my church experience? Am I more like Jesus Christ now than I was a year ago? Five years? Ten? What is different about my life because of this growth?

Gift – Have I discovered my spiritual gifts? Am I making the unique contribution to ministry that God has equipped me for? Am I giving anything back to the cause of the Kingdom for which God sent Jesus and of which I am now a part?

Group – Am I part of any regular, ongoing small group where I can really get to know others, and they me?

Giving – Have I learned that my life and talents and all my assets and resources have been “loaned” to me from God, and that my fullest enjoyment of them comes by returning them to Him in generous and selfless ways? Do I regularly evaluate my lifestyle and spending habits to see if there are ways I can honor God more with what He’s blessed me? Is it clear from my personal budget that my trust in God is deep and real?

While not exhaustive, these questions are a good starting point for believers who are serious about following Christ. Like most any other church, Grace Community Christian Church is a work in progress. But we’re developing a sense of where we’re going, and we’re certain that God’s Holy Spirit will lead us if we’re willing to listen and follow Him. If this sounds like a church you’d be interested in being a part of, check us out! Or, if you’d like more information or have any questions, feel free to call or email Jim Dewar